The town of Hlohovec spreads in the western part of the Carpathian valley, on the lower Váh river course, under the southern offshoots of the Považský Inovec mountain and the western border of the Nitrianska pahorkatina.

The inscription of the oldest name of the town of Hlohovec and a castle – Golguz into an important historical document, the Zobor act, dated 1113. Conspicuously, the name of the how bush (in Hungarian language galagonya, Galgócz) that is still growing everywhere on the southern and northern slopes of the town, was the origin for this name.

The castle of Hlohovec is one of the oldest castles on the territory of Slovakia built in an important strategic point above a river ford. In the 12thand the 13thcentury the castle became a seat of committee . The settlement under the castle was completed by colonisers in the 13th century. In 1275 the King Ladislaus the IVth gave “a land of royal guests” – the Hlohovec castle and the settlement too as a gift to the eminent landowner Abo. After Abo, successive owners of the Hlohovec manor were the families Ujlaky, Thurza, Forgač, Mitrovic and, in the end, Erdődy.

In the 14thcentury an administrative split divided Hlohovec into two parts – Starý (Old) and Nový (New) Hlohovec. In 1362 the settlement Nový Hlohovec – a land of royal guests has been granted by the Ugrian King Louis I of Anjou market and town privileges. In 1400 influenced by the German colonisers coming here in the second colonisation wave of the 14thcentury, for the first time a new German name Freistadt (popularly said Franšták) appeared.

In the sixties of the 20th century the town has been given an unofficial title Hlohovec – the town of roses. Following a restructured and disappeared district in 1969 the town of Hlohovec became a district centre again in 1996. The platane castle park and French terasses near the manor-house are the most precious nature areas. In the northern part of the town and the southern offshoots of the Považský Inovec mountain there is a protected nature reserve Sedliská (locally called Soroš) covered by flowers of Pulsatilla slavica. This place offers a beautiful scenic overlook of Hlohovec and the Váh river. A watching loft called Šanec near to Bojničky is situated at the altitude of 343m and surpasses the Váh river flat by more than 200m.