Crop production

The company FOOD FARM Ltd. farms on the acreage about 5800ha of agricultural holding. A wide assortment of agrarian products of crop production consists in densely sown crops (winter wheat, spring barley), oil plants (canola,sunflovers), corn and forage crops for animal production purpose. Densely sown crops production amounts a volume of approximately 13000 MT, and oil plants 2500 MT per year.

Crop production applies modern machines and recent technologies, utilised from sowing through proportioning nutrients into the soil to high-performance harvest technical equipments. The goal of the company is to ensure high quality production of crop commodities emphasizing technological methods and processing norms according to valid legislation, that means a correct farming.

The most important customers and suppliers:

Seed material:
Sempol (
KWS, kukurice (
Agropodnik (
Oleaginous materials:
Palma (
Interagros Levice
Heineken Sladovne (
Tatranská sladovňa, Topvar (
Lycos Trnava (
Mlyn Sládkovičovo (
Mlyn Trenčan