Animal production

In the framework of animal production the company is specialized in breeding dairy cattle. Raw milk production of 12,5million quoted litres, classified in the highest quality range represents a prevailing part of sales. This can be achieved thanks to modern dairy technology, genetic material, selected nutrition and professional management.

Milking is technologically equipped with tandem milking parlours that improves milk production process and increases productiveness. Breed of Holstein dairy cows with colour patterns of black and white (70 %) and spotty Slovak cattle (30%) compose the main profile of the animal production. At present the milking herd amounts to 1375 heads, the yearly meat bull cattle production is 300 pieces. Total cattle herd number with a closed reproduction amounts to 3331 heads.

The most important customers and suppliers:

Tekro (
Schaumann (
Amylum Boleráz
Palma (, VV- AGRO
Rajo (
Z-Bulls, Brocka Ján, Lehocký Rastislav